Go Paperless, Get Rewarded

October 6, 2023

Getting another bill from us in your mailbox every month is just another little piece of clutter in your life. We understand that. That's why we offer you the option to go fully paperless in all of your communications with us. Go Paperless today, and we’ll reward you with $1 off your bill per month for an entire year.*

You’ll get account information and updates as well as monthly reminders in your email inbox when your billing statement is ready to be viewed, without any of the extra clutter of traditional mail. And don’t worry about not being able to keep track of past bills – we store more than a year’s worth of bills for easy reference in our online customer service portal for you. It's just another way we can make your natural gas use easier and more convenient.

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*Paperless Reward is applicable to qualified customers who sign up for Paperless Communications between 10/05/23 and 03/05/24. $1.00/month discount available for a total of 12 consecutive months, provided customer remains on Paperless Communications during the applicable period.